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Some Information on Hay Day Hacks

Games which are based on online gameplay mode is not very easy to hack and generally requires a strong and safe tool. In the same manner, a tool has been designed for hacking the game, Hay Day and helping you with generating a lot of resources which will be to your advantage. Thus, in this article, let us talk about some basics about the hack tool for Hay Day, so that, if you are interested in using this tool, you know what you are going to be awarded and more importantly, how you will be able to use this tool.

General Information about the Hay Day Hack Tool

The main purpose of this Hay Day Hack tool is to provide you with resources which will help you to speed up your gaming experience. Also, there is no need for security issues as this is not something where you have to give access to your game, or you have to download any software. This is a regularly updated online tool, which helps you in getting the resources that you would require. Obviously, through these resources, like the coins and the diamonds, you can not only speed up the progress of your game, but you can also buy anything and everything, without thinking of maintaining a limit.

The Working Principle of the Hay Day Hack Tool

Thus, if you are really interested in using such a hack tool for your Hay Day game, you may be wondering that how will you use this tool? What is the procedure for using this tool? Thus, here in the following steps, you will learn how you can use this hacking tool sufficiently and efficiently to get what you want from the hack tool for Hay Day.

The following mentioned are the steps to hack hay day diamonds :

If you have your Hay Day game open, then the first step will be to close your game and come to the hack tool of Hay Day
Now, you have to run the hack tool for your Hay Day game
Once you have run the hack tool, you have to enter the number of resources that you want for your game Hay Day
Now, you have to hit the “Start” button
Once all these steps are completed, you just have to wait a few minutes for receiving everything you have asked for. These few minutes are required by the hack tool for Hay Day just to generate the number of resources that you have asked for.

To confirm whether you have received everything, open the game Hay Day and check if you have received all the resources.

The Reason behind Designing the Hack Tool for Hay Day
Using any kind of hack tool is definitely an unethical thing to do, but, sometimes it is required. This is because these are some of the addiction games and people generally don’t tend to wait for much time to achieve a task. This is where the working principle of Hay Day comes into play. It eliminates all kind of irritations or waiting time which is required for the game Hay Day. Thus, this is a very good hacking tool which anyone can use if they want to proceed faster and better through the entire game.

The final call is obviously made by the individual gamer. Thus, it depends on the mindset of how one reacts. If you are someone who wants to play your game very cleanly, then it is better that you not opt to this hacking tool, but if you are someone who wants to progress through your game very fast, then it is a good choice for you to opt for the hacking tool of Hay Day.

How to Collect and Save Up Gems to Win at Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans hacks are instrumental to the game, but what is Clash of Clans, really? Clash of Clans is a strategy game that has expertly integrated the gameplay of real time strategy games like Starcraft 1 and 2, all of the Warcraft series games, all of the Age of Empires Games, and so many more. The game makes use of the touch screen in Android operating system running phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads running the iOS, and does so very intuitively. And the ability to fit all the mechanics in a relatively small screen, and craft an ergonomic user interface is why the game has gained a dedicated 100 million per day user base.

The hundreds of millions of players that play Clash of Clans still do, even after 5 years of its release on the iPhone, in August of 2012. The use of Clash of Clans hacks are a monument of the game mechanics that allow players to greatly benefit from the guides that Clash of Clans hacks provide. Clash of Clans hacks about gems are, for example, very important, as they are central to the gameplay of Clash of Clans.

Knowing how to collect and save up coc free gems you can get in the game is one of the most integral Clash of Clans hacks.  Gems are a premium currency that serve many functions, but their most important role is in letting you skip the wait time in construction upgrades of the buildings in your village. It also skips the upgrade time of your troops that take place in the laboratory. But it is best to save up your gems to upgrade buildings in the late game, as upgrades in that stage takes more time and is generally more expensive too.

You can also find a lot of gems just by destroying obstacles on the map, like mushrooms and trees. You will come across many of them throughout the game. Achievements are probably the best way to amass gems though. Achievements can give you up to 7 gems each, while special achievements give 25 gems. Another good way of getting gems is by ending your troops to other clan members, which requires you to join a clan. But the best way to get gems is to just buy them with real world money.

Ranking the Bosses in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Recently, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was voted as the best video game ever created on a GameFAQS poll, and with plenty of good reasons. The game pulled off a rather tricky task of bringing the Zelda franchise into the third dimension and did it admirably. Difficult puzzles, epic boss battles, awesome (for their time) graphics and sound, and hours and hours of side quests all made Ocarina of Time a game that to this day is often considered one of (if not the best) Zelda games ever. To celebrate its GameFAQS victory, I feel that it is time to create a list ranking the game’s bosses from worst to best. Only the main bosses, not mini bosses, are covered, though Dark Link would easily top a list related to the latter due to being so difficult. The ranking of the bosses is as follows:
10. Gohma: Quite frankly, this battle is a joke. We have a large arachnid that was the source of a deadly curse placed upon the Deku Tree after it refused to give Ganondorf the Kokiri’s Emerald, one of three Spiritual Stones needed to unlock the Door of Time where the entrance to the Sacred Realm, home of the magical Triforce, was hidden. Anything that powerful would be quite difficult to beat, but such is not the case here. It is not hard to figure out how to beat Gohma-simply shoot her in the eye when it is red and then slash her until she recovers-and you can even shoot her while she is on the ceiling and stun her for an even longer period of time. Granted, this is the game’s first boss, but other Zelda titles have at least given their first boss battles more depth. Here, the battle can be over and done with in less than a minute or so.

9. King Dodongo: This giant lizard-like creature might appear big and menacing, but his stomach is rather weak. All Link has to do is feed him a bomb, attack him with his sword while he is stunned, and then avoid his rolling attack. He only has to do this four times total, making this boss another pushover. Granted, he only ranks slightly higher than Gohma due to the battle being slightly tougher, but he is still quite easy to beat. If the Gorons had not been so famished, I am sure that even they could have beaten King Dodongo and reclaim their cave full of delicious rocks without Link.

8. Bongo Bongo: An evil creature who escaped from a well, set Kakariko Village on fire, and plays a drum with his disembodied hands is quite awesome. The difficulty in beating him, not quite so much. What makes him so easy to take down and limiting his potential in the process is that his hands are so easy to target and strike with the bow, and so is his single eye. About the only real trouble is trying to stay on the drum like platform while he plays his tune, but otherwise, he can be beaten rather quickly, and as such is the easiest of the bosses encountered by Adult Link. It is a wonder that Impa failed to stop this monster before she became a Sage.

7. Barinade: The first boss that delivers something of a challenge. Barinade was what caused Jabu-Jabu the fish to become quite ill, and its strength is one to be reckoned with. It can be a bit tricky to target Barinade while it is spinning with its Bari jellyfish protecting it, and any contact with the boss can be quite painful. Still, the battle is more time consuming rather than being too difficult, but any boss that causes a great deal of illness to a character is a cool boss in my book.

6. Twinrova: Koume and Kotake, the sinister witch sisters who brainwashed Nabooru the Gerudo prior to her becoming a Sage, actually work as a team initially, trying to defeat Link with the powers of fire and ice. Once our hero’s trusty mirror shield has reflected each witch’s power to her sister, they combine to form a single woman, which to be sure is one of the coolest scenes in the game. From there, however, the battle becomes easier, with Link having to reflect three consecutive fire or ice spells back at Twinrova and then use his sword against the stunned witch. Granted, she does mix up the spells as she gets weaker, but for the most part she is virtually a sitting duck. At least the post battle cut scene features a hilarious argument between the witches as they get sent to…heaven?!

5. Ganon: Ganondorf’s final form is a huge, frightening beast, armed with two swords and an insane amount of power. At first, Link will have to fire Light Arrows into the monster’s eyes to stun him, and then use his Megaton Hammer to strike his tail. Later, he uses the Master Sword to attack the tail. What makes this battle epic is that it takes place within a ring of fire, and Ganon is no weakling, causing quite a bit of damage with every slash of his swords. It is not as tough as the battle against Ganondorf in his human form, but it is still an amazingly awesome battle, and a great climax for a truly magnificent game.

4. Morpha: Since the Water Temple is often regarded as being quite difficult due to its confusing set up and tough challenges, it only makes sense that the creature within it is likewise tricky to eradicate. The fiend that cause Zora’s Domain to freeze over demonstrates its power quite well, with its nucleus being somewhat difficult to target and extract with the Longshot. As if this were not enough, Morpha’s tentacles can squeeze quite a bit of life out of Link should he become caught in one of them. A rather impressive water-based monster, and quite an epic fight.

3. Phantom Ganon: Although not as powerful as the real Ganondorf, this ghostly version of the King of Evil is a bit tricky to defeat. Link has to target him with his bow as he leaps out of the paintings, but a false phantom also comes at him. Target the wrong phantom and Link will surely feel the pain. After a bit, the battle takes a cue from the fight with Agahnim from A Link to the Past in that Link must use his sword to send the ghost’s spells back at him and stun him. This can prove difficult, especially when Link and Phantom Ganon send the spell back and forth like a ping pong ball. The battle is just plain cool, and the phantom’s death scene is well worth the effort.

2. Volvagia: This dragon has an appetite for Gorons, an endless supply of fiery breath, and a lot of strength, making him one of the game’s harder bosses. When Volvagia flies out of one of the holes of his platform, he will either breathe fire and send rocks crashing down, and each hit causes a lot of damage, even when Link is wearing the Goron Tunic. Link will have to strike the dragon with the Megaton Hammer as it pops out of holes a la Whack a Mole, and it gets harder later on as the dragon prepares to come out of one hole but quickly transports himself to another. A formidable monster, complete with another cool death sequence at the end.

1. Ganondorf: Link’s archenemy is not called the King of Evil for nothing. This powerful fiend sends blasts of magical energy, and each shot causes a lot of pain. Only by sending this energy back at Ganondorf with his sword, and often having to do it multiple times, can Link stun Ganondorf long enough to fire a Light Arrow at him, thus further weakening him and leaving him at the mercy of Link’s sword. The fight becomes harder as sections of the platform that Link stands on are torn apart and Ganondorf sends even more powerful blasts at our hero. The game’s penultimate battle is nothing short of epic and is quite difficult, easily one of the best boss battles Nintendo has ever created. In early versions of Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf even vomits red blood after his defeat, which is icing on an already awesome cake (though the green blood in subsequent versions is not so cool).

As you can see, the bosses in Ocarina of Time range from being pathetically easy to being extremely difficult in the sense that it may take many tries before the boss is finally defeated. Even so, they enhanced the transition of the Zelda series from 2D to 3D in that they presented many new opportunities for strong attacks and methods of defeating them. Nintendo was just getting started: battles in subsequent 3D Zelda titles would likewise become epic and impressive. Eleven years after its release, however, Ocarina of Time is still home to some amazing boss battles, one of the many reasons why it has taken its rightful place as being the best game ever made. If Nintendo can create such impressive boss battles like these in Ocarina and subsequent titles, imagine what they can conjure up for the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii. It will be fun to see what the company will have up its sleeves.