Commercial Buildings in SimCity BuildIt

Commercial buildings are stores and markets which are required to convert the raw materials into finer goods that will get good market value. The commercial buildings will have to be unlocked at various levels and only then can they be used.

Production in Commercial Buildings

The commercial buildings will have to be kept busy, crafting various goods. If they are not in use, the laze icon “Zzzz” will appear on top of the commercial building. As you keep moving over various levels in the game, you can get a broad range of commercial buildings. The commercial building icon has to be tapped, to see the various buildings available as well as to see those functioning in the city. To know more about the commercial buildings, you can visit the menu, to get further information, such as the building price, the requirements to unlock that particular commercial building, etc.

Mapping the Commercial Buildings

When a commercial building is available, they will appear on the icon. You have to select the building that you require and drag it into the city map. Residents prefer such stores and markets, to be located in their neighborhood, as it makes shopping easier for them. While placing the building in the city, the mayor should be careful in locating the place. You should see that it does not overlap the space of another building it should also be located with good transport facilities. Once the spot is finalized, the green checkmark can be selected, to keep it in the located place. The buildings should be located so that raw materials can come into the building and finished products are taken out for sales.

Moving the Buildings

The buildings can be moved to different spots by tapping and holding on them. You will then have to drag them to the spot you have chosen and then tap on the green checkmark to put them in the new place. The commercial buildings produce various essential items and are generally not bulldozed. They produce items such as tomatoes, furniture, donuts, etc.

Building Icon

When the icon is tapped upon, you can see the available production slots, the countdown timer, the items being crafted, etc. The production slots are inter-dependent and items will have to be crafted one after another. Mayors will have to keep track of the commercial buildings, the products being crafted, their number and their availability. The raw materials can be placed on the top of the buildings, before production begins. Once the production is completed, they appear on top of the buildings. The mayor has to remove the completed products, to begin the next production. Only if he is vigilant, can he keep crafting new items in his commercial buildings. Competed products can also be kept in City Storage.

Items Produced

The commercial buildings craft various items such as nails, bricks, glue, planks, paint, etc. They also have various materials for hardware stores such as drill, ladder, shovel, measuring tape and hammer. The farmer’s market products crafted are flour bags, vegetables, cheese, bee, corn, cream, etc. Products for furniture store such as chairs, tables, cupboard, couch, etc. are produced. Gardening supplies such as grass, fire pit, garden gnomes, lawn mower, tree saplings, etc. are produced. The Donut Shop has items like coffee, donuts, green smoothie, bread roll, frozen yogurt, etc. The fashion store has cap, shoes, backpack, business suits, watch, etc. Fast food restaurants have popcorn, cheese fries, burgers, pizza, ice cream, etc. Home appliances available are BBQ Grill, TV, Microwave oven, Lighting system, refrigerator, etc.

Getting Simoleons

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