Go on sending your troops for getting loaded with elixirs

When you go for playing the Clash Royale Cheats, make it sure that you are capable of sending at least two troop one after the other for gaining more number of elixirs. For further illustration, if the player is sending a Giant paired along with flying troops then the opponents will surely lock on and go for attacking the giants. A player can allow the air troops for offering the support and pick out the other ground troops. The player can also go for some other strategies for card playing. One such way can be dropping the troop at the arena. There is no better option than dropping the troops. This allows you to recharge the all your gathered elixirs and at the same time all your troops remain safe.

Try to figure out your opponents battle deck

Try to concentrate keenly in the opening of the battle. Try to make a note of the available cards. Also, note the change of pattern that emerges. If you notice some changes in the action of the opponents then go for using the fireballs and the arrows. You must know about the risk to be taken by the groups like Goblins and the Skeleton. Sounds strategies makes you gather swarms of cards till your opponents plays with the long ranged cards. Know to adjust the time and drop your troops at the right moment particularly when you feel that your opponents are well prepared to defend themselves. Some of the tips are listed below.

If you have received the perfect cards for countering the Giants or the Prince or some of the major damaging troops.

You can use the counter cards that are quite valuable effectively. You can go for dropping a Skeleton Army that can rush a right lane.

Its time you need to learn Clash Royale Cheats strategies

The best way to learn is following the previous matches. If you follow the techniques carefully then it would be quite easy for you to gather the elixir. You can easily look for the features in TV Royale and watch the replays of the matches that are played by you. You can also take the suggestion of the games that are played with some of the brilliant players all over the world. Know the techniques that can make you gather a huge amount of counter cards and help to make combinations.

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