Tips to play Simcity Buildit


Simcity buildIt has become the most downloaded Simcity game ever. The new updates and its arrival into the mobile phones have made it a huge success. The objective of the game, as everybody knows, is to build the city. The player plays the role of a mayor of the city and he takes decisions on all administrative aspects. This is the kind of game that requires strategies to be planned. The administrative skills of the player are tested by the situations and he need comes across the default tasks. Here are some useful tips on how the city can be built in an effective way.

Keep in mind which facility is to be given importance. For example, providing water is more important than providing college facilities. The reason is that people are likely to leave your city if there is no sufficient water. Specialization buildings will need coins and keys. You can earn these by investing in shipping trade. Upgrade residential buildings to the maximum level or close them before building new ones. You can upgrade buildings faster if you use a simcity buildit hack .

While building new residential houses, don’t forget to make sure that it is built within the coverage region of all the facilities like police, fire, water etc. Produce as many goods as you are allowed to. Make sure you can sell them all in the global trade. You can collect the tax money from the residential houses. This may sound to be a slow process but when time goes by, if your citizens are satisfied with your administration, they will pay you more.

You can sell the products which or asked by Simoleon bubbles. In case you don’t have the products asked by the Simoleon bubbles then you can produce the goods and go to the bubbles at a later time and sell them. While designing sewage, power supply and water facility, it is better to invest more and design a proper system. These systems should be designed in such a way that you wouldn’t have to worry about altering the structures at a later time.


What is important in Simcity BuildIt is to take decisions with an understanding about the futuristic results. Some ideas will take time but will be highly useful at a later time. The primary aim of the player should be building as many residential houses as possible and increase the number of citizens. This will increase the amount of tax money collected which can be invested in the development of the city.

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