Video Game Review Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Ever since its release, the Nintendo Wii has often been criticized for its lack of promise in the first person shooter department. Games like Far Cry and Red Steel have been down graded for their lack of good graphics and low functionality with the Wii remote, which has made developers hesitant to go the FPS route with the system. Metroid Prime 3 takes a look at these stereotypes and destroys them. Not only does the Wii remote work wonderfully with this game, but fluidity of game play and beautifully rendered environments make this game by far the best FPS experience the Wii has to offer, if not the best overall experience thus far.

First off, there are a few huge differences that make this game either better or worse than its predecessors, depending on your style. The most obvious change is that Samus actually keeps her weapons this time. No accidents, no just starting out empty handed. You begin the game with the double jump, morph ball, bombs, and power beam. There are obviously upgradables and the like, but it creates a huge change from every other Metroid game. It also has voice acting. Contrary to the normal Nintendo setup, there are actually voice actors in this game. No more reading dialogue for you, now we have voices to listen to. And whats more, is that the acting is actually good.

Something else that sets this game apart from previous Metroid titles is the fact that you don’t have to take a lot of time to back track through the map anymore. You can conveniently use your ship at whim to transport yourself from place to place, and although you do have some traveling to do, it wont take you as long as it has in previous games. Another addition to easier travel is the map in the top of your screen. Now you can simply look at your mini map instead of having to use the start menu to see where you are every minute or two.

And its a good thing you can, because those pretty cinematics they show you while your ship flies around are actually loading screens. You will notice this presence of loading times when you are on foot, and it very well may take upwards of 5-10 seconds for a single door to open while the next area is loading. While this by no means makes the game unbearable or bad in any way, it is something to mention. Especially when you are dying and trying to run away from metroids and the damn door wont open to get to the next save point.

Had this game been the first in the Prime series, I believe a round of perfect 10’s would be in order. However, there is really no big innovation or movement for this game. In reality, it simply does look like the other Prime games, except for a few smoother effects here and there. It is also a bit easier than the previous Prime games, and I didn’t find myself cussing out my TV screen like I did during the last boss battle in the first game. Even with its minor flaws, Metroid Prime 3 is an excellent game, and any one who enjoys the FPS genre will greatly enjoy it.

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